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Live Streaming of PCC Worship Service due to COVID-19

As National Emergency has been declared and all County schools has closed due to the spread of COVID-19, in keeping with the current developments Precious Community Church (PCC) determines to stop all gatherings of church members of PCC after discussing with PCC leaders.

* As a result, Friday Holy Spirit Night Service and Sunday Service will be online streaming live at the main sanctuary and these worship will be Family Worship at home with all family members together.

  • Online Sunday Service (@ Main Sanctuary, Just 1 time 12:00AM live broadcast, Family Worship Service)                                    

  • Online Friday Holy Spirit Night Service (@ Main Sanctuary, 8:00PM live broadcast, Family Worship Service) 




In these difficult times, Please pray for the comfort and guidance of God, and even though you worship online, we hope that you will worship and pray “in spirit and truth,” and become PCC members who experience intimacy with God.

  • YouTube

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.

I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.  (Isaiah 41:10)

Online church giving and mail delivery of personal check

As the administrative order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 has been enforced, we want to guide the following by asking and requesting of PCC members when they cannot come to church and donate.

Praise, prayer, word, and offerings are the basic elements of worship. In spite of your online live streaming worship service, please give the offerings with your whole heart, soul, and mind so that PCC can continue to strengthen the work that God is pleased with.

  • Bank: Bank of Hope  or  CHASE Bank /  Account name: PCC 

  • If you want to use Online Bill Payment, please call and ask the church.  Tel: 714) 990-9191  

  1. Write PCC in the blank of "Pay to" of your personal check and the amount that you want to donate.

  2. Especially, please make sure to write the kinds of offerings in the blank of Memo among Weekly offering, Tithe, Thanks, Building, Mission, Special, MealQT, pen, and book.

  • If you donate more than 2 types of offerings together, please fill in them together. Ex) In the case of a $ 70 check, weekly offering(20)/mission(50) in the blank of Memo. 

   3. After signing, be sure to write PCC on the envelope and mail it to the church address.

   4. The address of PCC:  18821 Yorba Linda Blvd, Yorba Linda CA 92886

Online Bill Payment
Personal Check Mail Delivery
How to use
  1. ​Set up Venmo app on your phone. 

  2. And then run the Venmo app and set up the rest part of the app up. (See related video)  

  3. Open your phone's camera and take the venmo QR code (picture) on the right.

  4. Click on the notification window that appears on your phone to enter PCC venmo account.

  5. click "Pay or Request"                                                in the middle.

  6. After entering the amount to be donated numerically, enter the type of donation in the

       “What's it for?” box immediately below. (Korean is possible)

  • Among Weekly offering, Tithe, Thanks, Building, Mission, Special, MealQT, pen, and book.

   7. If the small text on the right bottom of the "Pay" button is Public, click it to change it to "Private".

   8. After writing the type of donation in the “What's it for?” box, click the   Pay   button.

       ( Caution!  Be careful not to press the "Request" button on the left. Be sure to press the "  Pay  " button on the right.

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